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Ahh thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I’ll try to reply to them all later on. 

I’m going to share my birthday fabric haul on friday since you all asked for it, but much to my surprise some of you requested to see my few non-fabric gifts too. So over the next week or two i’ll be sharing them - if you don’t want to see you can blacklist the tag “angie likes shiny things”

I had been swooning over vintage vanity sets for several months before my birthday but held off buying them since the undamaged sets tend to be around $50. But after much searching I found this set for $15 on etsy and couldn’t resist.

It’s such an impractical gift but so very pretty - i’m excited to own it even though I doubt it will be used very often. It’s very heavy and the detail work is so delicate. I think i’m going to make a velvet bag to store them.

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